Friday, April 2, 2010

Ape Nak Jadi? Nak Cerita Dulu Pasal KFC.

Alkisah, hari ni cuti Good Friday. Saya tetap juga bangun awal sebab mata dah automatik terbuka luas pukul 5.30 camtu. Tapi saya bangun mandi pada jam 6. Nak mandi jam 5.30 pula awal, sejuk! Selepas mandi ni saya ada banyak masa lapang. Teringat pula petua yang saya post semalam. Hehe.. Seperti biasa saya melayari internet, masuk ke web kegemaran saya, Dan saya terjumpa cerita pasal KFC ni.. Maklumlah sebelum ni pun saya pernah trauma nak pergi makan kat KFC sebab saya dapat e-mail pasal ayam KFC yang ada ulat. Tapi tak dapat dipastikan kesahihannya la.. Ada gambarnya, memang meloyakan. Okey, sekarang ni nak cerita pasal airnya pula. Saya copy n paste jelah cerita dari sang pencerita tu..

This afternoon, me, my mother, and my daughters, when to KFC DESA PANDAN, KL. Tempted by the new promotion I ordered 2 cups of 'teh-tarik'/tea.

Enjoying our lunch as usual, and mom had sips of her still hot teh-tarik.. As for me, I waited until i finish my food to drink (so glad that I did coz I cant imagine drinking them). To my surprised when i opened the lid in hope to enjoy my teh tarik, I found 4 small cockroaches.

I am really disappointed by this incident since this is not the first time it happened - *the first time was about how I came back home to find my purchased of cheesy melts bread had greenish fungus on it!!!!!!!!!!!* Then I wrote in to customer service of KFC but nothing was much done. I was offered a meal *BRIBING ME?* in the same branch where they serves fungus bread to customers which was JUSCO CHERAS SELATAN KFC. uhh??!! For Real???

Now I wonder, is it because of its brand and its 'reputation' that KFC, GET AWAY with all this, even when they failed look into coffee machines/teh-tarik machines or whatever that they are serving (my brother had the same experience -yeah series of bad experiences I must say- where he found small roaches in his drink (coffee) in STADIUM CHERAS KFC but he was courteous enough that he only left a complaint to the branch manager) cleanliness? Is what they preach about their restaurants quality attributes CHAMPS - (Cleanliness, Hospitality, Accuracy, Maintenance, Product Quality, Speed of Service) are all scams just so their loyal customers would still go to them? So sick!! What does the service team of QA personnel (aka CHAMPS Recognition Specialist - HOW WOULD YOU EVEN BEGIN TO CALL THEM SPECIALIST) doing? and they even have LLYOD'S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE HACCP - so called FOOD SAFETY Management Program or what?? - even recognized by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH with HALAL certs from JAKIM. Is it halal when there's cockroaches in it?

I am really disappointed - I must say it twice, coz who doesnt love KFC, from babies with their whipped potatoes, to young children like mine, to adult like me, and to elderlies like my mother, we all love KFC. BUT if I have experienced it twice, my family member did too, who knows what goes on in the kitchen of KFC. The thing is, I as a consumer, and a member of this public community, I felt that I have the responsibilities to tell on others out loud, to let them know, *if thats the only way KFC will take more serious actions since my first complaint failed* for goodness sake get a filter or something so roaches wont get to ur machines, but then again, roaches shouldn't be living in KFC anyway, it shows how CHAMPS they are.. I mean clean...

Consumers in Malaysia are almost unheard of. We hardly hear any complaints because we take things too lightly even when it come to our health and safety, or we just keep quite when this org bribe us with a meal, sadly... When you go to the newspaper against this big orgs, they wont put the story in coz this org have 'good repo' with them... so how do we improve????

And when I wrote in to KFC, I am accused to trying to damage the 'goodname' of KFC. As if I was the one to put the roaches in the drink. Coincidently, a family member is working under the same brand, ans was asked to dissolve this matter. And now without him being responsible for my actions, he is 'pressed' by the upper to stop this. I cant help to wonder, what if it happened to their own mother (whom mine had food poisoning, -diarrhea and slight vomiting the same night and was brought to the clinic- and their ownself, wouldnt they do the same as me?

I just want the right thing to happen. Since its not the first time, nothing will change if something is not done.


p.s is that why they put the lid on?? so if you open just a little on one side of the lid, you wont see the roaches in the drink??

I'll just leave you with these pics, so you be the judge of this.

Menjadikan saya trauma sekali lagi untuk pergi makan kat KFC!!! Tidak!!!!


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